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The Chicago Area Shadowcasts

Midnight Madness   Official Midnight Madness Cast Site   |   Midnight Madness Facebook Page   |   Midnight Madness MySpcace
  Midnight Madness is currently performing the third Saturday of each month at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, IL Shows are usually the third Saturday but it sometimes changes due to other events, and it's not always even Rocky Horror - sometimes it's Hedwig or Clue or Little Shop or something else. (Sat., monthly, Midnight)

Completely Crazy   Official Completely Crazy Cast Site   |   Completely Crazy Facebook Page   |   Completely Crazy MySpace
  CC is currently performing weekly at The Hollywood Blvd. Cinema Bar and Grill in Woodridge, IL (Sat. weekly, Midnight)

Help Me Mommy   Official Help Me Mommy Cast Site   |   Help Me Mommy Facebook Page   |   Help Me Mommy MySpace group
  Help Me Mommy (HMM), is performing weekly at the Art Theater in Hobart, IN (Sat. weekly, Midnight)

The South Bend Hot Patooties   Official Help Me Mommy Cast Site   |   South Bend Hot Patooties Facebook Page   |   Help Me Mommy MySpace group
  The South Bend Hot Patooties (SBHP), is performing monthly at the The State Theater in South Bend, IN (Sat. monthly, Midnight)

Sensual Daydreams   Official Sensual Daydreams Cast Site   |   Sensual Daydreams Facebook Page   |   Sensual Daydreams MySpace
Sensual Daydreams performs on the second Saturday of each month (sometimes twice a month, usually in October) at the Oriental Theater in Milwaukee, WI

World of the Weird Monster Show   Official WOWMS RHPS Cast Site   |   WOWMS Facebook Page
The WOWMSis on hiatus from / at 27live in Evanston, IL

You Know You Want It   Official YKYWI Cast Site   |   YKYWI Facebook Page
You Know You Want It is on hiatus from / at the Holiday Star Theater, in Park Forest, IL as they look to upgrade their projectors.

Pink Invaders (defunct) 
  The Crossroads Cinema, the Pink Invaders home theater in Merrillville, Indiana, has officially and completely closed as of October 2006, and was torn down in early 2008. Many of the remaining members still active in the Rocky community have formed and are part of the Help Me Mommy shadowcast.

The Warped Cast (defunct)
  The Warped Cast is a shadowcast comprised of some former members of Milwaukee's Sensual Daydreams Rocky Horror shadowcast, along with many others that have liked what they're doing. They do "alternate" presentations of some famous stories of cinema (check their website for more details), and are performing one weekend every month or two at The Times Cinema in Milwaukee, WI. (Sat. Intermittent, Midnight)

National / Convention News
 Upcoming confirmed conventions;
● Providence, RI - August 22nd-25th, 2013
Tucson, AZ - March 14th-16th, 2014
Chicago, IL - June 19th-22nd, 2014

CRHAP Convention Archive
CHRAPCon (2006 Chicago) / Un-Toucha-Touchables Archive

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