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F.A.Q. - Version 4.0

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Convention Mini-FAQ - February 2013

This site/page/link will be the home site for the Chicago 2014 Rocky Horror convention from now all the way through the convention and after. Disaster aside, you will always be able to come here for the latest and greatest information. You can also add our , Facebook , and Twitter feeds for updates. The Twitter feed will have many live updates throughout the con.

So WHEN is it going to happen?
June 19th-22nd 2014.

So, WHERE will it happen?
At the Congress Plaza Hotel on Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago, with additional events at The Music Box Theatre

When can I make con block hotel reservations and buy a convention ticket?
You can make your hotel reservations here.

You can register for the convention here.

Realistically, what's the chance it's going to happen?
At this point, we are 100% all in. Only a significant 9-11 type of even / disaster would cancel our convention.

What's the chance the con will "sell out"?
The hotel has 871 guest rooms and 36 suites. Our con room at the hotel AND the Music Box each have a capacity of 700+ people, far more than any Rocky con since the 25th has drawn. If, by some crazy chance, we are even getting close to that number, we will give you all an adequate heads up.

Do note; for Rocky Horror we are planning on publicly opening up the show at the Music Box to our regular MM Rocky audience in addition to the con goers, so even if the con isn't at capacity, there will be an additional 150-300 people at Rocky that may put the theater at that. Every con ticket holder is guaranteed a seat - the theater will only sell the remaining open seats.

I have something special planned that I wish to work with the convention organizers to execute - how do I make that happen?
Email jefF @ midnightmadness . org
Now this isn't for the basic questions, or pre shows, or vendor stuff that every con does. We will give you the details on all of that when the time comes. This is for things like planning local events like tours or baseball games, or shooting a movie / documentary, or doing a big promo for an upcoming Rocky event, or getting married at our con - etc. Anything OUTSIDE if the ordinary that you would want or need to work with us on to pull off.

I heard a rumor about "unlimited" bacon at this con - WAT?
The details on this are coming, but needless to say we plan to have a continuing flow of fresh cooked real bacon from the minute registration opens on Thursday, until the end of the con on Sunday.

Is this a Midnight Madness con, or a "Chicago" Rocky Horror convention?
Just like before, Midnight Madness will be heading up and doing the majority of the work/coordination/paying the bills for this convention, but it will be run and staffed by people from ALL of the Chicago Rocky Horror casts, what we like to call the CRHAP casts (Chicagoland Rocky Horror Area Performers), all of the casts within (or within a reasonable distance of the Chicagoland area).

Is it going to be called CRHAPCon (II)?
For now it's CRHAPCon II, or Chicago 2014 (and you're free to use either of those names through the con). We have announced, as of April 2014 that our con is also known as Transylvania Carnivale.

Are you guys going to have any friggen T-Shirts for this convention - you stiffed us on shirts in 2006?
YES, we will have the damn shirts. If things go according to plan, we'll have SEVERAL of them this time, including a VERY limited edition run of the 2006 T Shirts we were *supposed* to have last time (the will be pre-order/pre-pay only and we're only going to run the exact number and sizes people buy in advance).

What's that logo you're using to represent this convention?
The logo is the City of Chicago Flag with the Rocky Horror lips over the stars. Like the Chicago flag where the stars all represent something, the 4 lips on stars represent the 4 major conventions that Midnight Madness / Chicago has played host to in the past 25 years (1988, 1989, 2006 and now 2014). We also use the single lips on the star to represent the 2014 contention itself. We *might* (likely will) come up with something different/better, or we may keep this as the main/only logo. We'll see how it goes during the months up to the con.

Old FAQs here - Ver 3 (Fall 2013), Ver2 (Summer 2013), Ver1 (Original)

Any other questions - then email us
thesearenotenoughfaqs @ or con @

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