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Official Twitter (will update up to and through the con weekend)

Twitter Please DO NOT use the @ Twitter feature to communicate with us or try to send a nessage that you want us to see. We do not monitor that regularly, and ESPECIALLY will NOT be monitoring it during the convention weekend. If you need to commnicate with the convention staff, please use one of the convention email addresses or contact/mesage us on Facebook. Official Convention Profile

Disclaimer; As with all convention schedules, all events and amenities are subject to change. We have tried to give a rough estimate of the schedule for planning, but any number of things can have an effect on how and even if the event will occur, including financial, hotel/theater restrictions/requirements, all the way down to "we just decided not to do it." While the website *should* always reflect the current status of an event or feature, it's possible some things may be chafed or canceled with little to no notice. We suggest you add/follow our our Twitter feed as any significant changes up to and through the convention weekend will be tweeted.

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