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This Schedule is still in flux, but is relatively solid right now. Should be good to plan around. We don't anticipate any big changes at this point (as of June 16th)

All times are CDT - adjust your phones, clocks, and watches accordingly.

Schedule by time-line.

Events going to through the weekend
On site registration
Rocky Horror Saved My Life interviews at the Con Suite (location to be determined / will be tweeted/posted)

4pm-10pm Registration at Con Suite (badge/pickup) opens ( at the Congress Hotel )
9:15pm - Gather in the hotel lobby for group traveling to Neo (will be by El train, you pay (we don't pay your travel to Neo) ( at the Congress Hotel )
10pm - 4 am Dance at NEO (must be over 21 to attend) ( at the NEO )
8 pm-12 midnight - All ages meet n greet reception at the convention / registration suite. Videos and limited refreshments will be served. ( at the Congress Hotel )

1pm - Registration at main con room (Great Hall) - continues until 7pm ( at the Congress Hotel )
1pm - Main convention room / vendors open until 7pm ( at the Congress Hotel )
1:15 pm - Panel Slot 1 ( at the Congress Hotel ) Live Cast Panel ( at the Congress Hotel )
2:30 pm - Panel Slot 2 ( at the Congress Hotel ) Cast Management / Show Runners & Tech Panel Panel ( at the Congress Hotel )
4:00 pm - Panel Slot 4 ( at the Congress Hotel ) Internet Panel ( at the Congress Hotel )
5:00 pm - Panel Slot 5 ( at the Congress Hotel ) Rocky Horror on Facebook. ( at the Congress Hotel )
6:00 pm - Dinner Break
8:00 pm - Bus boarding and transportation to Music Box ( at the Congress Hotel )
9:30 pm - Shock Treatment with Live All Star National Performers Cast ( at the Music Box Theatre )
11:00 pm - Trailers and Videos break
11:30 pm - Pre Show Dance Party ( at the Music Box Theatre )
12:10 am - The Boss Award Presentation ( at the Music Box Theatre )
12:30 am - The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Live All Star National Performers Cast ( at the Music Box Theatre )
2am-3:00 am - Bus boarding and transportation back to the Congress Plaza Hotel ( at the Music Box Theatre )

12 noon - Con room / registration opens.
12:15 pm - Panel Slot 6 ( at the Congress Hotel ) Costume Panel
1:00 pm - The Unconventional Rocky Horror / Shock Treatment Costume Event ( at the Congress Hotel )
1:00 pm - Miscellaneous Videos in the con room during the Hunger Games costume contest
3:00 pm - Red Carpet Walk for all of our costume contest participants
3-ish pm (right after Red Carpet Walk) Awards Show ( at the Congress Hotel )
Our catch all for everything else. Will include misc awards, pre shows (video and live), the raffle and auction, and other things we may toss in.
6:00 pm - Dinner / Party Prep Break
8:00 pm - Transylvania Carnivàle Party Opens ( at the Congress Hotel )
8pm-12midnight - Transylvania Carnivàle ( at the Congress Hotel )
12 Midnight - Off to bed with y'all! ;-P ( at the Congress Hotel )

10am - Goodbyes i n the hotel lobby. ( at the Congress Hotel )
Sometime between noon and 1pm, some type of eating gathering, likely a picnic, with maybe some sportsball type of activity in the park across the street or con suite if the weather doesn't cooperate. Many of our fixed plan options have crashed and burned. We will announce our plans no later than Saturday afternoon.

Disclaimer; As with all convention schedules, all events and amenities are subject to change. We have tried to give a rough estimate of the schedule for planning, but any number of things can have an effect on how and even if the event will occur, including financial, hotel/theater restrictions/requirements, all the way down to "we just decided not to do it." While the website *should* always reflect the current status of an event or feature, it's possible some things may be changed or canceled with little to no notice. We suggest you add/follow our our Twitter feed as any significant changes up to and through the convention weekend will be tweeted.

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