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The Rocky Horror Convention in Chicago, IL - July, 27th-30th, 2006

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Nifty Stuff we're going to be offering, and other information.
Your "CRHAP Number"
Every registered convention attendee is going to be assigned a number - this number will be needed throughout the convention process for payment and confirmations and for registering for the costume contests and performances. It will appear on your badge as well, whether you get a custom convention badge or not. This is important so we can tie everything together all organized like, and to find people if needed.

Special Guests
Yasmin Pettigrew, Rocky Horror costume assistant is our special con guest for the weekend.

Our-Con-On-Time-On-Schedule Mission
Face it, no one likes sitting around waiting for stuff to start or wondering when/how/why things get changed or moved or cancelled, and gawd knows any Rocky convention veteran attendee has experienced a lot of this, so we’re offering a “guarantee” to everyone.
If an event does not start, or we know it will not start within 15 minutes of its scheduled time (in the program or updated web site/info in the con suite), jefF will PERSONALLY get up on stage at the hotel or theater and explain why and tell you when it WILL start.

The Horse's head in the bed Brutality Suite
From Thursday afternoon through the picnic start time Sunday (with the exception of 11pm-3am Saturday, while we are all at The Music Box Theater), we will have an official con committee member manning the suite. Information and questions can be obtained here, problems can be addressed here, and if you just want to come here to hang out, that's cool too.

Customized Convention Badges.
They pioneered this at the Bay Area 2000 convention, and we’re taking it a step forward. At NO EXTRA CHARGE, we will be offering a con badge customized with your name and photo on it!
The restrictions on this are;

-         You must register for all four days, and have the exact name and the photo you want used for your badge to us by July 5th, 2006, as these badges have to be pre produced before the con this is a HARD DEADLINE date!

-         You can use any photo/name you wish, provided that they are not of any other convention attendee or Rocky Horror personality (professional or amateur).

-         ANY violation of the photo/name/decency policy and you will have your pass denied/repossessed and issued a replacement generic convention pass.

Audio / Video
We will have full audio and video playback capability for all pre shows, vaudeville acts, and other events. The only requirements we have is that anything is given to us for full preview and testing by no later than 4pm on Friday, and it goes with the disclaimer that you are legally responsible for any potential copyright infringement in any media you provide us with (i.e., we assume you are authorized to show anything you give to us).

Photographers Pass!
Few people in Rocky realize the importance of photographers and video people at our convention more than jefF, and as such, we're going to be offering something new - the convention photographers pass. Those with a photographers pass will be given special close to the action seating and slightly more access than the average con goer - so what's the catch?

  1. There are a VERY limited amount that will be available, and you must pre apply for them. Preference will be given to people known for posting their photos or sharing their materials on line for all to enjoy. This is NOT for casual 10-picture-a-day photographers, this is for people that plan to shoot hundreds of pictures throughout the convention weekend and to share their work.
  2. Single day photo passes will be issued on Thursday, and each subsequent day before the events. In order to get a pass for the next day, you must give hard copy, digital copies or tape copies of whatever you shot the previous day to someone manning the convention suite. You retain all rights to your own work to do whatever you wish with it, BUT you grant us the limited rights to post any/all material on our convention web page, or include it in our con DVD as we see fit (with full credit to you too). By accepting the pass, you grant us this right, so please take this into consideration before asking.

For those less serious, but still want to post their stuff up on line, we'll be offering free galleries on our web server to post your pictures from the convention (see details below).

Free Wireless Internet Access in the Main Convention Room
(subject to change, as it's still being worked out) We’'e planning on offering free wireless internet access in the main convention room. Bring your wireless equipped laptop and hook up. We're also considering offering access from a couple of on site computers provided by us, so those w/o their own can check e-mail and post on the newsgroup and on line about the great time that everyone is missing.
- We're sorry, due to budget and technical limitations, we've had to eleimate this from our amenities list.

The "Live" Convention web site.
From anywhere with an internet connection, you'll be able to access our web site for up to date info, including any and all convention schedule changes. We will also give passwords and open gallery directories FREE for any convention members that wish to post their pictures up on line as the convention is happening! Available to any registered attendee that requests it (login info will be provided during registration check in). Who knows, maybe we'll even try to toss up a webcam. - We're sorry, due to budget and technical limitations, we've had to eleimate this from our amenities list.

A RHPS Guide to the City
Written by the members of the Chicagoland Rocky Horror Area Performers, we're suggesting a bunch of places you can go and things to do from the perspective of those of us that live in this great city, so you can maximize you non convention time here.

Driving in Chicago
Put simply, it blows in the City Proper. Unless you are driving to get to Chicago, we highly recommend you do not have a car for the weekend of the convention. By scheduling all events at only two places, choosing a hotel in downtown Chicago, and making everything as accessible to public transportation as it can be in Chicago, we have made our best effort to throw an event that makes sure that you don’t have to rent any car or drive during the weekend of the convention. You can easily fly into either Chicago airport, get to the hotel and most major touristy Chicago attractions, get to the theater Saturday, and get back to the airport never having to step foot into a car.

If you are planning driving to Chicago from a distance we will prepare a guide for you about where to park your car, and generally where/when you should drive.

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