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The con is happening July 27th-30th 2006

The "Chicago Style" Costume Challenge
All Rocky Horror Costume Contest participants will be pre registered on site Friday night and Saturday before the pre shows.

Physical "Denver Style" Awards and cast member made awards, as well as certificates, will be issued to the winners.

Rocky and Shock Treatment Costume Contests/Challenges

Entering the Costume Contest:
When checking in at the on site registration, all Rocky Horror costume contest contestants will fill out a form with their names, cast affiliations, and which categories they plan to enter. If you are not sure if you want to enter, it is better to go ahead and get a number and not use it than to wait until right before the costume contest and then try to enter. Each contestant will be given a numbered card to present to the judges during the contest. No contestant's name or cast affiliation will be announced until the winners are named. Winners will be announced before the showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturday night.

Rocky Horror Costume Contest/Challenge
Rules and General Information
- In additional to our traditional costume contest, we will be having a costume challenge! After presenting their costumes for each category, contestants will be required to perform a physical activity pertaining to their character. The challenges will NOT be announced in advance of the costume contest.

- No additional people will be allowed onstage with you to help you show off your costume or characterization. This means no Eddie throwing Columbia in the air, no Riff and Magenta elbow sex, no Columbia and Magenta unwrapping Rocky, etc. - additionally, we highly discourage personal "showboating", it's a costume contest, not a performance contest.

- All contestants for each category will present themselves and their costumes to the judges one at a time. For the purposes of photography and so the judges can see all the costumes per category together for comparison, each contestant per category will remain onstage until the judges have finished recording ALL the scores for that category.

- Judges may ask you to show any detail they would like to see more clearly (bra, slip, underwear, etc) but will not be able to touch you or your costume.

- There will be ONE winner per category. You may enter more than one category if you can change your costume quickly. If you choose to enter more than one category, you will present the same numbered card for all of them.

- No member of Midnight Madness or any non-paying convention attendee will be allowed to enter any Un-Toucha-Touchables Convention costume contest. Judges will not be allowed to enter in the contest they are judging (but a Rocky costume judge may enter the Shock Treatment costume contest and vice versa, as long as he or she is a contestant only).

- Small hand props (bouquet, feather duster, space gun, etc.) are encouraged and are included in the scoring under “completeness.”

- No fake blood (other than the small amount on Eddie’s forehead), glitter, confetti, silly string, foods or liquids, or any other messy or potentially hazardous items may be used during the costume contest.

Categories (will be judged in THIS ORDER—if you plan to enter more than one category and anticipate that you won’t have enough time to change, please e-mail us at

Screen Accurate:
1. Rocky
2. Janet
3. Brad
4. Columbia
5. Magenta
6. Riff
7. Frank (including floorshow)
8. Criminologist
9. Dr. Scott
10. Eddie
11. Transylvanian
12. Floorshow (Columbia, Rocky, Janet, Brad)
13. Spacesuits (Magenta, Riff)

Judges and Scoring
There will be between 3-5 judges. Judges will not be announced until the costume contest begins. For everything except the Creative categories, judges will rate the following criteria on a scale of 1-10 using individual scorecards for each category:

1. Completeness, including props

2. Colors, materials and design/pattern

3. Fit and construction (visible construction, whatever you use underneath doesn't matter, it's the result on the exterior)

4. Hair and makeup, including tattoos and scars if applicable (we will not hold real tattoo's against anyone, we're just looking for Rocky ones)

5. Overall accuracy

Judges will not be able to confer. After the costume contest is over, all scores will be tallied by an impartial party. The contestant with the highest score per category will be named the winner of that category.

(NOTE: The “Trixie” category will be judged by the judges AND the whole audience by ballot; “Creative Rocky-related” and “Creative General” will be judged ONLY by the audience by ballot.):
1. Trixie
2. Creative Rocky-related (any non Sue Blane influenced costume that is a specific Rocky Horror character)
3. Creative General (non-Rocky)

Creative Category Scoring
Now is the time to let your creativity shine! Since there is no standard for screen accuracy in a creative costume, we have decided to let the audience pick the winners by ballot for Creative Rocky-related and Creative General categories. The Trixie category will be judged by the whole audience in addition to the judges. Audience members will use their ballots to record the number of the contestant for whom they choose to vote for each of these three categories. All votes will be tallied by an impartial party. The creative contestant with the most votes per category will be named the winner of that category.

Rocky costume contest winners will be announced Saturday night before the start of Rocky Horror at The Music Box.

Shock Treatment Costume Contest
Rules and General Information

- All general rules for the Rocky Horror costume contest apply to the Shock Treatment costumes contest (no messy liquids, Midnight Madness members not allowed to enter, etc).

- The Shock Treatment costume contest will have a Best Male Character winner and a Best Female Character winner (it doesn’t matter if you are a different gender than your character). In the event of a lack of participants, there will only be a single overall best Shock Treatment costume award.

- All contestants, regardless of which character’s costume they are wearing, will be judged together as ONE category.

Judges and Scoring
There will be between 3-5 judges. Judges will not be announced until the costume contest begins. Judges will take into consideration each contestant and then write down their votes for Best Male and Best Female Character and will be able to confer. Shocky costume winners will be announced immediately at the end of the contest.

Rules are subject to change and be updated as we see fit. We recommend you check the rules page for anything that might have changed a few days before the convention begins.

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