The Un-Toucha-Touchables
The Rocky Horror Convention in Chicago, IL - July, 27th-30th, 2006

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(open now!)






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~ The Rocky Horror
   Variety Show
 Shock Treatment

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 Rocky Horror

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Hey, you guys are stealing the idea of (insert person / convention's name here)!!!
That's not a question - and, no kidding. Look, we're not making any bones about this. Our goal, in an attempt to bring you one of the best events we possibly can, is to also "steal" all of the best ideas (both done, and never done) from every convention of the last 10 years and more. But realize even with stuff we're copying from other conventions, everything will still have a little "twist of Chicago" to it.
"Same old same old" is NOT our goal.

Why are you using email addresses for official convention contacts?
We needed on line accessible e-mail that several people could log into and check, as multiple people will be handling the con registration, casting, and information distribution. Yahoo was simply the most convenient option.

Are the convention hotel workers REALLY on strike?
Yes, some of them are. Please read our additional hotel notes for details.

I'm having problems with, or getting errors from the registration/application PDF files - what's up with that?
We have gotten reports that our registration and application PDF forms are not working properly for some of you. FYI, the form itself is fine, and it has been verified by several people to work. Users need to have Acrobat 6 or greater, preferably Acrobat 7 or better for full features, and need a newer operating system, like Windows 2000/XP or Mac OS X v.10.2.8 or better to run it and to use our form. This is NOT a preference or convenience thing for us; this is a SECURITY FEATURE for YOU. If you are running older versions of an OS or Acrobat, YOUR data IS unsecure and you might not want to be inputting your personal info in to begin with.

However, the BASIC form should still open and you should be able to print and fill it out by hand and mail it, or you can just use our basic text form, save that .txt file, and send it to us. We're sorry, but our need for basic security with your personal information can't be compromised for convenience here. We hope you understand.

Please also note, the filled out form itself requires Acrobat Professional to be saved in its true format, otherwise you need to click "submit by e-mail" on the form to export the form data to e-mail it to us. The "conregistration_data.xml" file itself will look like gibberish to many of you if you try to open and look at it, but THIS IS the data/file we need sent to us - we actually even prefer this to saved forms (if you have that capability).

Why are you having Rocky Horror at the Music Box, and carting hundreds of people on busses to a place 10 miles away, instead of at the hotel where the rest of the convention is being held?
We debated this for a few months. Ultimately, the main reason we made the decision is purely legal, as the Music Box is a theater and authorized to show the film for Midnight Madness shows, and we didn’t want to risk any rights snafus or other third parties giving us a hard time and risking the film showing. We had/have reason to believe there might be unexpected red tape, especially given what Midnight Insanity dealt with last year in Las Vegas. Essentially, we didn’t want to go down as the Rocky Convention that couldn’t and didn’t show Rocky. Plus, seeing Rocky on the big screen in a real theater is always more charming, isn’t it?

I have been contacted by person “X” about the convention, giving me reason “X” about why I should not attend or telling me that the con has been moved/changed/cancelled, or they want some type of personal information from me – what do I do?
Unfortunately, there are a few third parties than may attempt to contact people that are attending our convention, or are planning to attend. Their reasons are varied to see our convention disrupted or fail, and they should be ignored and their e-mails forwarded on to us to deal with. If there is any MAJOR change to our convention schedule or plans, it will be announced on the front page of our convention site – anything else is rumor, speculation, or lies.

The only sources you will be contacted from for convention information are our three main Yahoo e-mail addresses and jefF and Emily’s g-mail addresses. Since e-mail sources can be easily faked with very similar addresses, when responding to these for any requests out of the ordinary, please make sure that you are replying to our EXACT e-mail addresses as noted here and on our contact page.

If you still feel suspicious about any odd contacts or requests you may get for any reason, you can request to have us call you at the phone number you give us on your registration, or you simply can mail us through the US postal system at our P.O. box (US Mail harassment, theft or fraud is a federal crime and as such it is ultimately the most safe and secure way to send information to us).

Is there any chance of the convention “selling out”?
While we do have a limited capacity, we don’t expect to exceed it. We have planned for a convention that is larger than we expect (the convention room will comfortably hold up to 400, and The Music Box Theater seats over 800 people)), and adjustments can be made if we come close to capacity. That said, the hotel may be a different matter. There are a couple of events in Chicago that weekend, Venetian Night and the Cubs are playing the St. Louis Cardinals in town that weekend. While we don't particularly expect either of these to have any major impact on the hotel occupancy, it's better safe than sorry and we recommend you make your reservations early - you can always cancel later.

What happened to "CHRAPCon" - why isn't it called that anymore?
We had always planned on giving a more "media friendly" name to our convention. After 20 minutes of a couple of dozen people tossing out ideas, MM member George had a revelation - "The Un-Tocuha-Touchables", we knew immediately it was a hit and a convention name was born. We're still going to call it CRHAPCon casually, and you all can too, but the new name is the final convention name.

Is this a "Midnight Madness" Con?
While the members of Midnight Madness will be doing the core work for the con and will represent the majority of the con committee, we will have members of The Pink Invaders and Completely Crazy working with us as well.


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