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The Rocky Horror Convention in Chicago, IL - July, 27th-30th, 2006

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The con is happening July 27th-30th 2006


The Congress Plaza Hotel and Convention Center
520 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL  60605

Please also see the Congress Hotel website for information about the hotel.

Hotel Registration
phone: 1-312-427-3800

Group code registration has ended. Sorry kids, you're on your own for hotel registrations from this point on...

The event code to mention when registering is "MIDNIGHT ASTERISK" - You MUST call the hotel to register to get the group rate and be blocked with us! We have an on line registration code, but it is currently producing an error - we will update this site as soon as the hotel page is working.

Room rates are $109 per night - this is essentially an unheard of and unobtainable room rate for a downtown Chicago hotel. Room rates are also good for up to three additional days before and after the convention dates, pending hotel occupancy restrictions.

Located right in the center of action in downtown Chicago, we've worked hard to find a hotel that's within the budget of your average RHPS fan. We are centrally located or accessible to most major Chicago tourist attractions, with many being only walking distance away, and we can also be reached from both Chicago airports through inexpensive public transportation.

Please, we recommend that you also call two weeks before the convention and reconfirm your reservations and that you are registered under our group code.

Please also note the hotel’s cancellation policy is a minimum of 48 hours in advance to avoid being charged and that YOU are responsible to cancel any reservations with them directly - canceling your convention registration WILL NOT cancel your room registration, or vice versa!

The Saturday Evening Rocky Horror portion of the event will be at
The Music Box Theatre
3733 N. Southport Ave.
Chicago, IL

Transportation by bus will be provided to get to and from the theater. You will also be free to take public transportation (the "El" is only a couple of blocks away from the hotel and the theater), and you may also drive or take a cab.


Please read here for additional important Rocky Convention info notes about the hotel
The Congress Plaza Hotel is over 100 years old, and as such it carries some of the "charm" (i.e. idiosyncrasies) of a building older than most people alive right now. For those of you that remember The Americus hotel in Allentown, this will likely be a familiar experience - but, everyone also undoubtedly remembers how fun the con at the Americus hotel was too!

We also wish to make all convention attendees aware of the fact that some of the workers of The Congress Plaza Hotel are currently on strike. The food service and housekeeping workers began a strike that will be three years old by the weekend of our convention. We wanted to make this point known to our attendees, in the event they are greeted by striking picketers on the days of our event. There are few actual picketing workers these days, however, they tend to focus around larger groups of people and events at the Congress Hotel like ours.

The planners of the convention attempted to find a downtown Chicago hotel option that would be reasonably priced AND willing or able to host our event while also meeting our location requirements, and the only one that ended up fitting the bill was the Congress. While we support the union hotel workers in spirit, our needs and commitment to making our promised event happen unfortunately supersede supporting the striking workers workers in a strike now years old with realistically little chance of ever being resolved (short of a change in ownership of the hotel) and that have been mostly replaced at this point.

We do realize though that some attendees of our convention might take issue with our planned event happening there and might not want to support the hotel, but we must note two important points.
 #1 We have already committed to having our event there, and it will go on with the same dollars paid for our event room, regardless of the strike or not.
 #2 If you wish to not support the hotel further through having a sleeping room there, there are other hotels within walking distance that we will suggest upon request. Please note though, that these hotels will have room rates that are 50-300% more than the room rate at the Congress Hotel, and they will not be affiliated with the convention in any way. Any plans or reservations made based on our alternate suggestions are completely at YOUR OWN risk and we accept NO liability for them.

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