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The Rocky Horror Convention in Chicago, IL - July, 27th-30th, 2006

(open now!)

(open now!)






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~ Party!

~ The Rocky Horror
   Variety Show
 Shock Treatment

~ Convention!
 Rocky Horror

~ Picnic!

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The con is happening July 27th-30th 2006

The Congress Plaza Hotel and Convention Center


Convention Registration
Please click here for our official registration form
(are you getting errors on the PDF form? see here for more information)

If you plan to pay on line through PayPal/credit card, we will invoice you with your assigned "CRHAPCon Number" that you need to reference - do NOT pay any request that does not reference your registration number, that will be mailed directly to you seperately for security purposes.
If you do not recieve this number within 3 full days of submitting your registration, please email us.

4 ways to register
1. Fill out our Adobe PDF Dynamic registration form and e-mail it to us!
(please be aware you may need to save the form data as a seperate file and mail that)
2. Open up the PDF registration form, print it, fill it out by hand, and Post Mail it to our mailing address (on the form).
3. If you have a problem with Adobe PDF, you can fill out our simple text only form file and send that to us.
4. If you wish, we will be sending our forms to theaters and casts all over the country - see your local RHPS cast!
(you can also write to us and request forms to be mailed directly to you too)

How Much?

Pre Tax Day registration discount!!!
Face it, you’ve got your refund burning a hole in your pocket (or worse, you have to pay the IRS and you’re gonna be broke), and we want your money sooner rather than later, so we’re offering a discount convention registration through April 15th, 2006.

You will be able to register for the con
until April 15th for only $75.00 for all four days!
Our early registration deadline has been extended to April 24th!
Please take note, this is actually the same, (or even less) than others are charging or have charged for TWO day conventions!

After April 24th through July 19th, the price will be $90.00 for all four days, and

as of July 20th through on site, con registration will be $100.00 for all four days

Friday/Saturday only tickets
If you wish to attend only the Friday night and Saturday portion of the convention, we will be charging $75.00 for that.

Saturday only tickets
If you can’t get the time off and can only do one day of the convention, for $50.00, you can attend the Saturday only portion – includes Rocky Horror at the Music Box.

Rocky Horror Only Tickets
If all you want to do is see Rocky Horror, we’ll be selling tickets as if it is a regular Midnight Madness show – for only $10 you can see the All Star Rocky Horror show, with some bonus pre shows! Advance Rocky Only tickets are NOT available through the con site or otherwise; they can only be purchased at the Music Box Theater on Saturday July 29th 2006 before the show.

Prices are subject to change - if they do, we will only honor lower prices up until the day we change it. Sorry gang, as Sunday and Thursday both require some advance planning and reasonably close attendee counts, these are the ONLY ticket options we will probably be offering.

Complimentary 4 Day Convention Ticket - Early Registration Contest!
One lucky winner, drawn at random from all attendees registered and paid before 6pm CDT on April 29th 2006, will receive a complimentary 4 day convention pass! Just so there's no accusation of "fixing" flying around after the fact, one of the virgins be drawing it live at the Music Box theater at our show at midnight on April 29th (you don't have to be present to win - this is simply done at this time so the drawing can be witnessed by our audience). You can either take your winning in the form of a full refund, or pass the winnings on and pay for another attendee! We will announce the winner on the convention web site on Monday May 1st, and also inform the winner by e-mail. Midnight Madness members, as well as any other CRHAP members on the con planning committee are ineligible to win.
The Contest has ended - our winner was announced here.

Cancellation Policy
If the event is cancelled by US, for any reason, a 100% full refund of the event ticket price will be returned to anyone that has paid, within 30 days of announcement. Any other merchandise purchased, or services paid for, will also be fully refunded.

If YOU need to cancel for any reason, up until July 15th, 2006 we will issue a refund for your ticket price, minus a $10 processing fee. We should note that any ticket purchases are FULLY transferable, with NO cash penalty to them or you – so you can give or sell your ticket payment to another person that hasn’t already registered and paid.

Please note that any cancellations made after July 15th 2006 are 100% non refundable – PERIOD. However, we will honor any ticket transfers to others up until and through the convention dates.

There is no refund at any time for any merchandise or other services paid for if the event goes on as scheduled. All merchandise paid for will be delivered to you regardless of your attendance at our event.

Please also note the hotel’s cancellation policy is a minimum of 48 hours in advance to avoid being charged and that YOU are responsible to cancel any reservations with them directly – canceling your convention registration WILL NOT cancel your room registration, or vice versa!

Contact Information
Mailing Address
Midnight Asterisk
P.O. Box 914
Itasca, IL 60143

Attn: UTT Convention

E Mail Contact Addresses
For convention registration and payments;

For performance applications and questions (Shocky, Rocky, Clue);

For all general convention inquiries and information;

Please note, these are the ONLY THREE e-mail addresses that will be valid to contact us, or that you will ever be officially contacted from for official personal convention information or communication! Please do not send or give ANY information or accept any personal information from any other e-mail sources! If this changes for any unforeseen reason, the con website will post a notice, right here and on our front page.

Other on line contacts for further general convention promotion to casts or on the newsgroups may be posted or made either through jefF from, or Emily

Payment Options
Personal Check, Cashiers Check, or Money Order accepted.
Written payments should be made out to "Midnight Astersik"

Cash mailed is 100% at your own risk, and NOT recommended!

Checks WILL NOT be accepted for on site registration during the convention weekend, however, we will gladly accept cash, money orders, or travelers cheques.

We accept payments by PayPal. This is the only way we can accept credit and debit cards. Our PayPal e-mail address is

We will accept all forms of payments (except PayPal, for obvious reasons) and registration forms and convention applications at the Music Box during any of the Midnight Madness Rocky Horror shows in March, April, May, June, or July. Payments at our shows should only be given to jefF, Sarah, or Becky! Please GET A RECEIPT if you pay at our shows too, as we are sometimes very busy at our shows.

Confirmations will be sent for ALL payments, regardless of type or how made, will be mailed (snail mail or e-mail). KEEP YOUR CONFIRMATION and have it with you at con registration, it’s your only proof you have paid if there is a problem.

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