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The Chicago 2014 Convention Attendee Terms and Conditions
(Legal Disclaimer Type Stuff)

For legal purposes, this convention is considered a PRIVATE EVENT. Only fully registered attendees will be approved and allowed admittance for ALL non Music Box events. We reserve the right to refuse to register or admit attendees for ANY reason, with a refund of any deposit or money paid. We reserve the right to eject ANY admitted attendees that disrupt the running of our convention without any refund or re-admittance. If you have reason to believe that your presence will be disruptive or unwanted at our event, do yourself the favor and do not try to attend, lest our security help to show you the outside of the hotel on the seat of your pants.

This Convention, known as "Chicago 2014", "CRHAPCon 2", "Transylvania Carnivale", or simply "The Chicago Rocky Horror Convention (2014)" is being planned and hosted by the Midnight Asterisk NFP Corporation. All legal contracts and liabilities are assigned to and assumed by the Midnight Asterisk NFP Corporation.

All rules put forth to our audience at the beginning of Rocky Horror apply to all convention attendees as well. Violation of these rules and you are subject to ejection from the hotel, theater, and our convention, and possible prosecution by law.

We are not responsible for any rules, requests, problems, or communication between the hotel and you, the guest. You are as responsible for working out any problem you may be having with the hotel and/or its employees as you would be if you were staying there and not attending our event. We will assist you with any problems as best we can, if needed, but we take and bear no responsibility.

You are subject to the rules and laws of the Congress hotel, Music Box theater, City of Chicago, and State of Illinois. If you have any doubt about whether something you will do or attempt is illegal, we suggest you don't do it or find out if it is indeed legal or not before you do. The convention and its organizers offer no protection and will not support or be held responsible for any person committing an illegal act if they are arrested and/or prosecuted.

The Midnight Madness Rocky Horror Cast and Midnight Asterisk NFP claim and bear no responsibility for any property lost/tossed/broken during your performance, including personal injury. We can and will, however, hold any convention attendees and/or performers responsible for any damages caused by them.

You may be required to sign your performance applications a/o registration on site at registration check-in time to note that you have agreed to our terms and restrictions.

We do not allow loose glitter, blood (fake or real), fire or flames, "wet" or difficult to clean up foods, liquids that stain, or any projectiles to be thrown in the direction of the screen or audience. Any performances found to contain these, or other actions that damage equipment or property not yours will be immediately halted and you risk possible ejection from our convention.

All live pre show performances are to be vetted and approved by the convention committee. Any radical deviations from the approved performances, and your pre show / performance may be stopped without notice or delay.

Nudity will not be allowed. If you can't get away with the same degree of coverage as if you were on a public beach, you may not be like that on our stage or in general public areas of the hotel.

Photography and Video
Photography is not restricted in any public area of the hotel, the main convention room and suite, and at the Music Box theater - and is, in fact, encouraged. Do be aware, this does NOT apply to private rooms and areas, including suites, sleeping rooms, and meeting rooms privately rented and / or contracted by our attendees. Photography is only allowed in these rooms at the discretion and by permission of the room guarantor.

By registering for and attending our event, you agree to have photos or video of you taken at our event for inclusion on our web page, on any of our attendees web pages, including any social media, our convention DVD and/or live or recorded video feed, documentary filming, as well as any and all further future promotion of Rocky Horror related events.

Photographers, do not be aggressive or a creeper. Candids are acceptable. Hidden cameras, including up-skirt or flasher / walk away shots are not. If your subject makes eye contact, smile! Nothing is creepier than looking guilty and pretending you didn't take their picture. Preferably, engage them in conversation for posed photos. If someone insists that you not take their picture, accept it and move on. Do NOT harass ANYONE to have their picture taken.

The 2014 Chicago Con has a No Harassment Policy. You are not to engage in any unsolicited and/or unwanted sexual advances towards any attendee. If you are told that anything you are doing or the way you are acting is making one or more attendees uncomfortable, you are to stop, and preferably walk away. You are not allowed to verbally or physically abuse or assault any attendee, or convention staff member, or hotel employee, or hotel guest, or theater employee, or contracted vendor. This harassment policy also extends and applies to any and all social media directly or tangibly associated with our convention or its individual attendees. You should approach and engage everyone with respect (even, especially, if you have a negative past history with them). If any action is considered harassment of any of our attendees by any other attendee, you will be given a warning issued by one of our primary committee members. After you have been warned, any further indiscretions or harassment and you risk ejection from the convention without a refund.

Cancellation Policy
If the event is canceled by US, for any reason, a full refund of the event ticket price will be returned to anyone that has paid, within 60 days of announcement. Any other merchandise purchased, or services paid for, will also be fully refunded, or delivered to you at our discretion.

If YOU need to cancel for any reason, up until June 1st, 2014 we will issue a refund for your ticket price, minus a $20 processing fee (this stuff costs us real actual money to process). We should note that any ticket purchases are FULLY transferable, for no charge and with NO dollar penalty to them or you - so you can give or sell your ticket payment to another person that hasn't already registered and paid.

Please note that any cancellations made after June 1st, 2014 are 100% non refundable - PERIOD. However, we will honor any ticket transfers to others up until and through the convention dates.

There is no refund at any time for any merchandise or other non ticket services paid for if the event goes on as scheduled. All merchandise paid for will be delivered to you regardless of your attendance at our event.

Please also note the hotel’s cancellation policy is a minimum of 48 hours in advance to avoid being charged and that YOU are responsible to cancel any reservations with them directly - canceling your convention registration WILL NOT cancel your room registration, or vice versa!

Please note all other terms and restrictions, and additions or amendments to this document on our web site. This page will always reflect the current terms. Notification of any changes to the terms and conditions will be sent to the email address you provided at registration. It is assumed that as long as you attend our event and do not cancel, that you agree to any changes or additions to the terms and conditions of attending our event.

Contact Information
Mailing Address

Midnight Asterisk
P.O. Box 914
Itasca, IL 60143
Attn: Chicago 2014 Convention

E Mail Contact Addresses
For convention registration and payments;
2014con-reg@midnightasteriskDOTorg (change the DOT to an actual "." )

For performance applications and questions (Shocky, Rocky, Preshows);
2014con-app@midnightasteriskDOTorg (change the DOT to an actual "." )

For vendor contacts
2014con-ven@midnightasteriskDOTorg (change the DOT to an actual "." )

For all general convention inquiries and information;
2014con@midnightasteriskDOTorg (change the DOT to an actual "." )

Please note, these are the ONLY e-mail addresses that will be valid to contact us, or that you will ever be officially contacted from for official personal convention information! Please do not send or give ANY personal information or accept any information from any other e-mail sources! If this changes for any unforeseen reason, the con website will post a notice, here and on our front page.

Other on line contacts for further general convention promotion to casts or on social media may be posted or made either through
jefF - jeff@midnightmadnessDOTorg (change the DOT to an actual "." )
Sarah - sarah@midnightmadnessDOTorg (change the DOT to an actual "." )
Chris - chris@midnightmadnessDOTorg (change the DOT to an actual "." )
Monika - mon@midnightmadnessDOTorg (change the DOT to an actual "." )

Payment Options
Personal Check, Cashiers Check, Money Order accepted.

Written payments should be made out to "Midnight Asterisk"

Credit Cards accepted on line through our Square Market account, and in person through Square. Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express are all accepted.

Cash mailed is 100% at your own risk, and NOT recommended!

Checks or any kind and money orders WILL NOT be accepted for on-site registration during the convention weekend, however, we will gladly accept cash, travelers cheques, or credit cards.

PayPal - If you need to pay us using PayPal, contact us at our registration address and we will send you the details and information. DO NOT PAYPAL TO OUR REGISTRATION EMAIL ADDRESS - IT IS NOT OUR PAYPAL ADDRESS.

We will accept all forms of payments and registration forms and convention applications at the Music Box during any of the Midnight Madness Rocky Horror shows in January, February, March, April, May. Payments at our shows should only be given to jefF, Sarah, or Monika! Please GET A RECEIPT if you pay at our shows too, as we are sometimes very busy at our shows.

Confirmations for ALL payments, regardless of type or how made, will be mailed (e-mail, or U.S.P.S if no e-mail is provided). KEEP YOUR CONFIRMATION and have it with you at con registration, it's your only proof you have paid if there is a problem.

Prices on all items are subject to change - if they do, we will only honor payments for lower prices up until the day we change it.

You can read the Con FAQ
Convention Mini-FAQ

Any other questions - then email us
thesearenotenoughfaqs @ crhap.org or con @ crhap.org

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